For GP's or Referrers at Solid Rock

Dear Doctors and Referrers,

Hey there! We know you’re busy doing awesome work for your patients, and we’re here to make things a bit easier. We love building strong connections with our referrers to give our clients the best care possible.

You can pass on a referral letter to your patient or just fax it directly to us. We just need to know the client’s name, email address and phone number so we can send them an intake form.

We suggest adding “group and individual sessions” on your referral. This way, your patients can choose to access our fantastic group programs along with their individual therapy.

Just a heads up: We don’t offer an ADHD Assessment by itself. Referrals should be in accordance with the Better Access Initiative, for psychological therapies. ADHD screening and assessment may occur in the context of a course of therapy, where appropriate.

Thanks a bunch,
The Solid Rock Psychology Team

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